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Since 1993 at BAYAN GROUP. ...We know that your team & you needs printed and graphic communication projects to be top-quality and delivered quickly. 


That’s why at BAYAN print houses. we consider your projects to be our priority. With direct access to a dedicated account manager and customer service team,  we’ll collaborate together on your goals, and create custom solutions that meet your budget and make your process easier. 


From complex print designs to intricate distribution requirements, your project, your organization your brand & business are in very good hands at BAYAN.


Bahjat Deiri-BLACK.jpg
Eng. Bahjat Deiri


Bashar Deiri


Feras Deiri.jpg
Feras Deiri


Noura Deiri.jpg
Noura Deiri


Omar Deiri.jpeg
Omar Deiri


BAYAN Printing House was established as family business in 1992 by Mr. Bahajt Deiri and managed by the new graduated in Business administration Mr. Bashar Deiri and still operating it till now.


As a pioneer Eng Deiri equipped this printing house with a new Heidelberg printing machines building the biggest printing house in northern Syria keeping ahead of any competitor.


Huge step of improvement in 2010 with a new German Heidelberg and  Swiss boobst machines, a full automated printing house filling 4000 square meter  is now running in Aleppo sheikh Najjar industrial city covering the market needs of fine boxes, heavy boxes, advertising newspapers, leaflets and any kind or type of Carton and Paper printing.


Also, BAYAN continuous dedication in delivering the latest technologies reflects our responsibility in providing the attention needed to produce the highest quality product available for their customers.


All in house starting from Prepress, Printing, laminating, and gluing to the final product BAYAN-Printing house serves their clients with a very professional team and equipments assuring the quality.


BAYAN client list contain the biggest 100 companies in northern Syria from pharmaceutical industry, Food, confectionary, cosmetics, plastic, and service reflects the huge annual turnover.

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